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The Author

Michael Valentine-Urbschat is an internationally acknowleded and sought-after expert in the area of climate-friendly drivetrain (powertrain?) technologies in the autombile industry. His focus is electromobility.


Michael worked at BMW for almost ten years and, in that time, developed a deep understanding for modern (contemporary?) vehicle concepts and the challenges (they bring) in the powertrain arena. In doing so, he was responsible for all large (conventional) drivetrain projects in the company together with his teams. With his entry into Roland Berger as a Partner, the focus of his work switched to alternative powertrains and their growing role in the portfolio of many companies. Beginning in 2010, Michael lead the Siemens concern’s return to the automotive supplier business—this time with an exclusive focus on electric drivetrains for automobiles.


Today, he consults leading automobile manufacturers and governments in the shaping of this technology transition away from conventional to electric drivetrains. His work brings him into daily contact with not only the supporters but also the sometimes silent opponents to this revolution.


In his debut novel, Michael exposes the ruthless tug-of-war between politics and industry in the creation of a new, automotive future.

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